When you decide to sell your property, your main aim is to get the best return possible. Most auctioneers will take a percentage of the sale of your property as commission for assisting with the sale, which can prove quite costly and result in you receiving a lower amount for your property once their fee is taken out of the final sale.

BuyMyPlace.ie offers a Flat Rate package which means that you will pay a set fee of €2,500+VAT on your property regardless of how much your property sells for. That way, even if your property sells for €500,000, you only have to pay a flat rate of €2,500+VAT.

Flat Rate Real Estate Agents like BuyMePlace.ie ensure that you know exactly how much commission is being charged, with no hidden extras or costs.

For properties valued at less than €250,000 we also offer a Traditional Auctioneer package which charges a commission of 1% +VAT, which means that no matter the cost of your property, BuyMyPlace.ie has a suitable rate or package to fit you perfectly!